Saturday 2 July 2022

Future Planes

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Some many manufacturers and factories supply domestic markets in the country. The production process itself takes a lot of energy, time and energy to achieve the goals of founders and entrepreneurs, that is, to spend all the potential in the way of production and service. Without any doubt, the more time is spent on the production of the product and its quality, the better the result and feedback, but only sales and profitable sales can sweeten the difficulty of this path. Therefore, most manufacturers engage in in-house marketing and try to convince regional customers to buy and use their services. But how big is this area? Is selling in this way meeting the requirements, costs and equal to the effort and energy spent to provide this service and product? Some believe that propaganda (advertisement) is the key to resolving this crisis. But the question is, can advertising cost be tolerable? Or does it expose the producer to the risk of non-return on investment within the maximum period tolerated by the investor?

The science of marketing and modern business answers this question, and that is that the entrepreneur or investor keeps time and money in balance. The slogan of advertising is not a cost and it is an investment, it is completely correct but provided that it is done at the right time. Unfortunately, many workshops and factories did not survive under these costs, and their work led to a reduction of staff and dismissal of personnel and temporary and permanent closures. The missing link in this chain is relying on quality and making sales profitable in more modern ways. You must be wondering what this complex sentence means and how it works?

Imagine building a factory in a region with a population of between 3 and 7 million and producing products that put your brand and products on a par with your competitors. Your second step is to hire a regional marketer, and if it is cost-effective, it will be local and media advertising (at the regional level). Well, your efforts will continue until you receive feedback from marketing and advertising, but eventually, you will focus on a market with a population of 3 to 7 million. This is while your market share is the result of dividing the market value between you and your competitors. So what if you expand your market? That means increasing the scope of marketing and advertising. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is that it costs more. Yes. More money, effort, time, etc. are needed so that you can only slightly increase the size of your market.

So how does expanding your market share help you?

In the meantime, the solution to enlarging the market remains, the only answer is not by you, but by outsourcing.

There are companies that market and advertise this product for domestic markets in exchange for a percentage of your profits. But what if this market expands beyond the whole country or even selectively to a specific country where your competitors are fewer? Due to the economic situation of the country and the efforts of the government and the government’s men in reducing oil exports and increasing exports of non-oil goods and services, currency-based (Dollar) income and can increase your profitability beyond your expectations. This is while your power and focus are on production and quality of products and services, and by outsourcing domestic sales and marketing and creating an export process, both the amount of income and its benefits such as tax exemptions and job creation will increase. And you will use incentive plans and related loans. Besides, you, in turn, will contribute to turning the wheel of the country’s industry and generating income, as well as the export of products made in IRAN our beloved country.

Everest Trading Company constructed as a subsidiary of the parent company, Parsian Sanat, to increase the amount of non-oil exports and also omnific a sales cycle with the approach of expanding the market and targeted marketing in 1399.

From the beginning of the company’s activity, it paid specific attention to the search for export products made in Iran, and this sensitivity was to reduce the level of risk and start the company’s work more safely. The fact that the global market has both high capacity and gross and tenacious competitors made this sensitivity give way to a realistic attitude as well its reason was that only quality products would be exportable. It became the company’s top priority. To advance its goals and facilitate trade with the world away from political conflicts, the company decided to cooperate with several reputable domestic and foreign companies, and thanks to God and the efforts of its management and staff, was able to achieve several important and useful agreement and signed and operated contract in this critical time.

Precise selection of the product and careful consideration of the manufacturer’s conditions, It would grantee this fact for the buyer that in addition to the continuity of production and timely delivery of the order, he can do and continue his environmental advertising with peace of mind and confidence. Meanwhile, a quality product puts the name and logo of the country and products made in Iran among the quality and famous products of the world, and this sales boom helps the producer a lot.