Sunday 22 May 2022

History Origin / activity

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Everest Company established as a subsidiary of Parsian Sanat Company in 2019. The parent company, Parsian Sanat Company, started its activity in 2010 in the field of selling chemicals and supplying chemicals used in factories, industries and livestock, and in a short time was able to consolidate your position. The company was able to register its name in the list of major exporters of chemicals in 2015-2014. Since the company’s customers were often active in the field of food and in addition to chemicals needed raw materials for the dairy and food industries, the company decided to establish another company to export food and raw materials for the dairy industry, so Everest Trading Company was registered and started to operate in Asia and East Asia. The name of this company was chosen according to the needs of the market and by studying the culture and customs in the target market. Continuing its activities in search of safe and low-tension markets, and according to the nature and type of goods selected for export, the company expanded the scope of its proceeding to Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Everest Espadan Trading Company is registered under the brand name EVEREST TRADE No. 65235 and is currently in the process of receiving the economic code and business card. The field of activity of the company is the export and import of food and dairy products and raw materials of the dairy industry, as well as beverages, juices and ready-made and canned products. The company can obtain the necessary licenses from the relevant departments and agencies in the field of import and export of items related to the food industry, including machinery and laboratory equipment, test kits and various raw materials.